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What do you think is the prospects for a student pursing maritime education?

In a recent report, the international shipping federation forecast that the worldwide shortage of officers will reach 46,000 by 2010.In such a scenario, the supply of seagoing manpower, not just to national fleets but to foreign ships too, has become a major revenue earner for some countries, and India, with its long and powerful tradition of seafarers’ training, has, as a consequence, become a leading participant in the global market.

What is the advantage for Indian students compared to foreign students?

Our (Indian) Students are strong in communication skills. Our students have good English fluency with which they outshine students from china. In terms of human resource India has more number of seafarers. But China’s problem is different; all the seafarers they produce are recruited in their own ships, as that country has a large fleet size. There is abundant opportunity available for seafarers in ships with foreign flags, so it is high time that our students capitalize on the current trend.

As a person who had started maritime institute way back in 1993, what is your opinion on the Indian shipping industry?

India has more potential to develop as the ship building hub in this part of the world; our shipping industries need to concentrate more on building ships.
We have a lengthy coastline on three sides of our country. From Europe ship building industry moved to Japan and later the industry shifted its focus to Korea. Now the latest entrant in this industry is China, it has received numerous orders from shipping companies all over the world.
All the chine’s docking yards are full with orders, so India can step in now to take future orders. As a country with large of number o f talented youth we need to turn the world’s attention in the ship building industry.

Tell us about how you got upgraded into university?

We were granted the private university status on August 21, last year, which made AMET the first maritime academy to become a university in the country. Situated on the outskirts of city, we offer diploma, graduate and post-graduate courses in nautical science, marine engineering, marine technology naval architecture and ship design, marine ecology and environment, marine biotechnology and microbiology, port management and port operations, containerized shipping management and marine insurance. The university would be a major resource provider for developing countries like Africa, Vietnam, Myanmar, Yemen and Sudan.

What are the other unique features in your university?

We have a ship on campus which has various facilities for students to get hands on training on the working of the ship. With this ship on campus the students will have an experience although they are operating a true ship.

What about placement for students who purse various courses in your university?

Most of our students are placed in top maritime companies across the world like, WAP Moller Denmark, k-Line, Japan, Neptune Orient Lines, Singapore, northern Marine, UK, Pacific International Lines, Singapore, sanmar shipping and many others.

Our institution was established with sole objection of providing quality education was established with sole objective of providing quality education on diverse marine disciplines that culminates in capable and well-rounded marine disciplines that culminates in capable and well-rounded marine and shipping graduates who can think and act objectively and independently and who are ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing and ever-demanding maritime industry.

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    Countries.Please list some of the best college or University that
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