 You are required to study full-time in Australia.

 You must attend at least 80 percent of all your classes to maintain a valid enrolment.

 Do not work more than 20 hours week during your semester studies.

 You must extend your student visa before it expires if you are intending to stay I Australia after that expity date.

 Please remember that any beach of the Australian student’s visa conditions will result in its cancellation and your departure from Australia.

 Statement of charges and evidence of part of course fees paid.

 Evidence of funds to pay for stay and studies in Australia or letter from host/sponsor in Australia.
Do you think that our shipping industry is facing a crisis as there is a shortage of seafarers?
I wanted to pursue a course which will have better job prospects. One of my friends told me about be abundant job opportunities in shipping industry, but I have my own doubts on the field, consulted a career counselor for getting my doubts clarified, he suggested that I can earn more money working in ships with foreign flags rather than engineering stream.
It is true that the shipping industry pays well, but not many students join the course as they need to be on ship for long time and cannot meet their near and clear ones frequently. If you join engineering or medical degree programme. You can also earn money and also be close to our friends and relatives. So I think pursing engineering of medical or law stream would be appropriate for a person who wants be close to his family and friends.
I think it is better for a student to pursue course in shipping as it offers exciting career options. A person can become an officer or chief engineer in the ship. His lifestyle would also change as he visits numerous countries while on duty.

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