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Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Masters course in wildlife Biology and Conservation, jointly offered by the National Centre for Biological Science (NCBS) and Centre for Wildlife Studies, is the best window that lets you into this field.

This course is based at BCBS, a TIFR institution in Bengaluru ( and among the best research institutions in the world in field of biological sciences.NCBS offers teaching facilities as good as anywhere in world. The Centre for Wildlife Studies in Bengaluru ( has pioneered research on large carnivores in India. Several other eminent institutions are partners in the academic programme.

The wildlife Conservation Society (, among the best known conservation agency in the world, funds this programme.

The course was started in 2004 out of the shared concern that the severe dearth of professional wildlife biologists is impeding conservation, despite substantial public interest and governmental commitment to conservation of our wild animals and their habitats.

The course is offered only once in two years to 15 students, Graduates inany field are eligible to apply for admission. Admission process includes an entrance test, conducted candidates. The course is fully funded through grants, so that the most talented and motivated students are not constrained by financial considerations.

“The course is offered only once in two years to 15 students. Graduates in any field are eligible to apply for admission which is through an all India entrance test”

The academic programme develops skills and understanding incore fields such as ecological theory, behaviour, taxonomy, conservation biology, mathematics, statistics, social science, policies and laws, and protected area management. Students are familiarized with tools such as remote sensing and GIS, laboratory-based molecular techniques, among others.

The course also develops skills in communication, advocacy, negotiation and conflict resolution, which are necessary to practice conservation in the real world. The students undergo extensive field training during parts of India.

In the final semester, students carry put field-based research projects, based on which each student is required to submit at least one manuscript for publication in peer reviewed journal.

Through this dissertation project, students apply the theory and skills gained in the preceding three semesters to conceptualize, design, implement, analyze and publish original research. These projects also provide critical information required for the conservation and management of Indian wildlife.

With a guest faculty consisting of eminent academicians and practitioners from prestigious institutions worldwide, this course is designed to offer the best training programme in the most cost effective manner.

The course opens windows of opportunities to a variety of fields in field of wildlife research and conservation to suit ones abilities and philosophy.

The potential careers include those in wildlife research, for which opportunities exist in several universities and other institutions, Indian Forest Service, and conservation advocacy and implementation, for which opportunities abound in several well known NGOs.

Or you may want to influence multinational companies or donor agencies such as The World Bank or the UNDP to channel their energies into conservation. Or you may want to work as an individual for the cause of conservation, or even set up your own organization to fight for the cause. Whatever you may want to do, if wild animals and their conservations is your passion and if you want to make this passion into a profession, you need to equip yourself well. This course does it.

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