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Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Sunday, November 30, 2008

From black and white to real life colors, to larger than life special effects and now, the next big evolution---animation. With the industry, both 2D and 3D,flourishing in the country, the demand for specialized talents has also multiplied
Over the years. And Tamilians seem to have struck a good impression as most companies in a India look to Tamil nadu for the best talents.has also multiplied over the years.And Tamilians seem to have struck a good impression as most companies in India look to Tamil Nadu for the best talent.

To meet this enormous demand, added to those myriad computer institutes offeritn animation courses in the city, animation companies have also stepped into the river to train students themselves to meet the industrial needs.

Recently DQ Entertainment, a popular animation company has set up a training institute in the city. The CTO of the company, Mr.jayakumar, explains, “More than 40 per cent of the our animators, designers and artists are from Tamil Nadu.An hence, when we decided to set up training institutes around the country.Chennai was on the top of the list, Though the industry is very young in the global stage, it has already emerging as leader in what it does.”

He explains that though other countries too meet the desired requirements, cost advantage and language adaptability have put our country on the map. And having takeover several foreign projects, we have natured more experience to make indigenous projects.
And that explains the new trend in the Indian film industry that is new coming up with new animated flicks like Hanuman, Romeo, etc. And as the industry promises a fat pay on par with the IT industry, an animation course has become as important as that of an engineering degree. But the unfavorable side for the whole craze for these courses is that school students prefer to pursue this right after their class 12 without having obtained a proper degree as they are promised a job with a fat pay.
Jayaprakash Gandhi , career counselor, explains
‘It is true that there is a tremendous need for trained candidates in the animation studios. Attracted by these, many students have enrolled themselves full time after their school. it is advised that they obtain proper degree, which will strengthen their educational qualification, A degree in fine arts or visual communication will also help in laying a good foundation to pursue a job in this field.”

And it may come as reliefs to many students, some of the institutions, that have previously restricted themselves to a diploma course, are offering graduate and post graduate courses. While ICAT was one among the few institute of Communication& Research (AICAR) has announced the launch of an 18-month residential postgraduate program in Animation post Graduate program in Animation.

R.Krishnan, Head, Arena says, “The project was designed in collaboration with the University of the west of England (UWE), UK, The institute decided to offer this course as applications kept pouting I very large numbers, as the demand was high . And also, highly talented students were a bit apprehensive to pursue a job in the animation field.”
The course will cover commercial aspects of animation, visual culture and communication, and research methodology. He explains that the student would have the opportunity to progress to UWE, UK to complete the course.

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