‘ India needs more economists’

Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mr. V.J.Ravishankat,lead economist of world Bank, delivered a lecture to the students of Loyola Institute of Business Administration recently.In a ‘knowledge sharing’ session, he discussed a few topics on social investment and developmental products of the world Bank.
Beginning with a brief introduction of World Bank history and its initial operations in India the lecture further delved into the two forms of credit-----social investment and the developmental products, given in the form of loans to member countries, The session was followed by an interactive session where the students and the lecturer.
A contest was organized for 6 best ideas from the students on the following slogan ‘Imagine you are the chief economist of the largest lending institution to developing countries. Faced with the hefty ideals of reducing poverty and improving living standards, what would be your strategy for India, The best ideas will be presented to the senior management at World Bank, Delhi.
Addressing students, Mr.V.J.Ravishankar lead economist of world Bank said,
‘India has supported the World Bank with its objectives of operational, fiscal and fiduciary efficiencies thereby ensuring increased loan sanctions. The World Bank has been assisting states and Governments in development activities. Being the most mineral rich state compared to the other states in the union the Government of Orissa has received financial support from the World Bank has diversified its product offering to in clued development loan with an added feature which enables states to initiate the process and take final onus to secure funding for various growth maximization projects.
Earlier, loans were sanctioned only on proposal/project submissions by the Central Government.
Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Abu Naidu, was the first to opt for the product. While reviewing project assessment and growth areas, it was found by the world Bank that demand for this kind of product was low, in fact, negligible in most of the Indian states. But soon the state of Uttar Pradesh forayed for the scheme; this was a boon for the World Bank.

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