Dr.s.Swamina than, Director, Center for Nanotechnology & advanced GBIO MATERIALS AT Satsra University has been selected to receive the ‘MRSI Medal’ for 2009. The award will be presented during the Annual General Meeting of the Materials Research society of India.

Speaking to Deccan Chromnicle,Dr.S.Swaminathan said “I am delighted to receive the Prestigious MRSI Medal for 2009”.

“Our focus has been in developing new nanostructured materials that could potentially serve as scaffolds for regeneration of tissues such as small diameter arteries, nerves, skin and bone. We also work on designing new drug delivery strategies to specifically target the affected cells and tissues.

Currently we are working on the targeted delivery of anti-diabetic drugs. The research initiatives jave neem supported by the Nano secience & technology Initiativer headed nu prof C.N.R.Roa, department of science & Technology Government of India,” he added.

This medal serves as recognition to DrS.Swaminathan’s contributions in the development of polymeric materials and scaffolds for tissue engineering
& drug delivery applications,. Dr.S.Swaminathan is the Director of the Centre for Nanoeletronics as its prime research areas.

Materials Research Society of India (MRSI) is an interdisciplinary professional society.Dr. swami Nathan will also deliver the MRSI Medal Lecture based on his on-going research on the use of nanaopolumeric materials for applications in tissue engineering and drug delivery.

Dr.Swaminathan also received the Innovative Young Biotechnologists Award from the Department of Biotechnology Govt.Of India for the year 2006 to develop a targeted drug delivery system for antio-canerdrugs.He has already filed four international patents and is a visiting Professor at the university of Virginia, USA. At present he is conducting research At SASTRA University on developing new scaffolds for engineering various tissues and also drug delivery vehicles for both targeted and sustained release He is also the Co-ordinator for the PG teaching programme in Medical Nanotechnology funded by the department of science & Technology, Government of India.

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