Faced with the challenge of global warning and climate change, Non-Governmental Organisations in Chennai have joined hands to raise environmental consciousness in thr city for an environmental friendly chennai.

NGO’S such as EXNORA, Greebpeace, adayar poonga and Nizhal to name a few, have time and again shown their interest in collaborating wuith the youngsters not just to create awareness through seminars, guest lectures and campaigus in champuses but also to bring level by assisting educational institutions in eco –friendly techniques.

Mr.Jagan mohan head, greenpeace, chennai observes, “we target youngsters not just because they are the next generation, but also because they are active,if schools and colleges participate actively in processes like energy conservation, afforestataion etc, then the public will follow suit”. The organization has been closely working with colleges like stella maris, Vivekananda, Loyola, MOP vaishnav and Ethiraj to conduct street plays to spread the message across.

They also encourage the strudents in their compaign against genetically-modified food crops focusing on agricultureal and genetic issues.

Adayar poonga is currently running a plethora of educational programmes fior students that involve personal interactions butterfly watching session and bird-watching sessions besides orientations on solid waste management and alternative sources of energy. Their initiatives like field visits to pitchandikulam forest, pallikarani and Nanmangalam, Outreach, Green Belt Development stalls, self-help groups and community level meetings involve a whopping 8096 students from 34 schools and colleges of the it schools and colleges of the city.

EXNORA is aiding Loyola college in its endeavor to install vermicompost in the college premises which will used to treat wastes from canteen . Mr. Chidambaram, General Secretary EXNORA says, “such joint ventures clearly inculcate leadership qualities and social awareness I students, They also open the vistas of career opportunites in NGO’s in this tech-savvy world, We need more workforces.”

Ms.dakshayani ganesh, who was instrumental in the installation of vermicomposts in Dr.MGR Janaki college, SIT, stella Maris College and various other school says,
“I always feel happy to work with the students. Clubs like enviro and rotract are making a lot of difference by inviting people like me and other NGO’S to colleges”.

Priscilla Jebakumari, faculty advisor, Rotract club, stella Maris college, says,
”Though the NGO’S can help with their expert advice, technical know how wide exposure ands extensive experience, the students enthusiastic involvement is of greater relevance,” Recently, a coastal cleaning programme was organized under the south Asia cooperative Enviroment programme was organized under the south Asia cooperative Environment programme by the United Nations Environment

Programme, Indian Coast Guard, National Institute of ocean technology Tree Fundation and Loyola college.

In this programme, nearly 30 colleges competed against eah otherto clean up a badly. Initiative such as these organ bring students toact as one, to hold the otential to create radical changes in the way environment is treated today.

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