I am pursuing under graduation in business studies, but interested in studying anthropology course. Please advise me about the career prospects in anthropology?
Anthropology is a science which studies the origin and the physical, social, and cultural development and behaviour of mankind. It encompasses the study of the origin of human species as well as its cultural and social structures. Besides, Anthropology also studies the evolution of man at different ages as well as the physical and cultural diversity among humans, living at the same period of time, at various pars of the world in diverse environments.
Anthropology also involves the comparative study of human similarities and differences, It includes the cultural history and biology of the human species over the last four million years, the cultural patterns of people from around the worlds down to even those who happen to live next door to you. There are three main areas if employment for an Anthropologist, i.e., teaching, research and officer in museums. Research jobs are available in organizations like Archaeological Survey of India, planning Commission as well as in renowned international organizations like UNESCO and UNICEF.
Moreover, openings are also available for social-cultural anthropologists with non governmental organizations (NGOs) who seek their expertise in under standing relations between industry and society.
Cultural anthropologists are particularly well suited to work in professions involving people, such as teaching, law, medicine, social work and journalism. Persons with corporates as cultural resource management specialist,.
Museums are yet another potential area of employment; Many organizations like the ICMT, WHO and the police department also offer employment to anthropologists for the purpose of crime detection.
A section of the students may possibly opt for anthropologically oriented research to provide better service delivery or to assess social issues and socials problems, such as in public health education, urban development planning, and international development.
Unfortunately, anthropology as a field of study still remains among one of the lesser known and less popular subjects.
I would like to know about courses in energy and environmental engineering and also the institutes offering those programmes.
Some of the most interesting and productive developments in engineering have taken place at interfaces between conventional engineering disciplines. For example energy engineering, which relates to study of application of a mix o engineering disciplines, such as mechanical and electrical engineering, to solving the problems of extracting, collecting and utilizing energy resources to satisfy human needs without destroying the environment.
An interesting new growth area for energy and environmental engineering graduates and post graduates are emerging. Wind power is leading the race to expand but some of the others, for example solar electricity from photocoltaic,is not far behind. There are also tremendous career opportunities in wind, hydro and solar energy areas.
Environmental engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to improve the environment ( air, water and land resources), to provide safe drinking water, air and land for human habitation, apart from other organisms.
I am pursuing arts stream in college, I would like to study a course in gemology kindly guide me.
Gemology is the scientific study of gemstones. It is a is related to the study of gem materials, including identification and testing methods, cutting and polishing synthetically manufactured gems, precious metals and alloys, their sources and origins and grading and appraising.
Those interested in possessing gems for their value should have an idea of Gemology to distinguish one gem from another.
The first step in learning about gems is its categorization. The next step is to learn the terminology of gemstones and then their physical and optical properties and how those properties are used to identify gems.
After getting the background one can proceed into gem identification. Studies relating to this field are gem cutting, sorting, grading, valuation and identification of gemstones, fashion, computer pattern designing, jewellery making consultancy regarding stones, selling etc.
While Gemologist studies the quality, characteristics and values of gem stones, jewelers typically do the handiwork required to produce a piece of jewellery.A gemologist identification is one of the key elements of business. Some rules and garnets sometimes look liked, but their values are considerably different only a Gemologist can easily identify the difference and know its physical characteristicAnd value
As the Indian gem and jewellery industry has entered the new millennium with great confidence you have got good opportunities as a gemologist.

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