Robotics is the future

Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Thursday, October 23, 2008

Several students took part in the two day seminar on robotics organised by the Payrus clubs at IIT Saashtra. The current academic programme is heavily inclined towards the Engineering discipline and, the Arts and Pure Science streams have taken a back seat in the mind share of most students. Engineering, which was so long dominated by the IT industry is slowly changing and other courses are also gaining momentum. Across the state there are more than 250 engineering colleges and students are looking at better career options.

Technological advance have given birth to the age of robotics, and the field is luring more youngsters towards it. Papyrusclubs, a Deccan Chronicle initiative rightly anticipated the student psyche and launched a Robotics Training for students in Schools and C0lleges. Robotics Orientation program, a two day seminar for the students of IIT Chennai, was organised as part of the IITM -Saashtra 2008.

The Students went through a carefully designed course covering the fundamentals of Robotic Engineering. This two day program focused on the art of building basic, manual and autonomous robots from discrete electronic components. Building such intelligent and autonomous robots is an ideal way to explore the field of electronics and basics of robotics. Participants were encouraged to apply concepts that they learned in their classrooms, to employ their knowledge in new and interesting ways to create simple yet seemingly complex robots.
The program concluded with a competition in which participants had to build robots and demonstrate their capabilities in a soccer robot event, Certificates were awarded to all participants. There was an over whelming response for this program and students from other parts of India too showed interest in the program. The program validated the intiative of Papyrusclub in delivering knowledge enhancement programs for students.

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