As part of the Bologna process, German institutions will offer a wide range of high quality courses. The number of Indian students getting admitted to German Universities had been increasing in the recent past, Harald Ermel, Director, Foreign Relations, Berlin University of Technology said. In an interview to Deccan Chronicle Education Mr.ermel said that his university had 6,000 foreign students, including 96 from India. "We are trying to increase the number of Indian students, that is our main objective for taking part in the workshop organised by Leibniz University, Hannover and the VIT University as part of the Dialogue of Innovative Higher Education Strategies (DIES) at the VIT University."

DIES, a pilot project under the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Programme), is aimed at encouraging international exchange of experience in issues of higher education policy and promoting partnership based on cooperation between the industrial and developing countries in higher education management. The project encourages any German higher education institution to intensify its contacts, with foreign universities and extend cooperation in higher education management, especially with universities in transition the developing nations.

Pointing out the Germany was part of the Bologna Process, Mr.Ermel said that the process aimed to create a European Higher Education ARea by 2010, in which students can choose from a wide and transparent range of high quality courses and benefit from smooth recognition procedures.

"The Bologna Declaration of June 1999 has put in motion a series of reforms needed to make European higher education more compatibale and comparable, more competitive and more attractive for Europeans and for students and scholars from other continents. Reform was needed then and reform is still needed today if Europe is to match global performance.

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