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Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jeevan IT Academy's 'Ready to Deploy' programme is an innovative method to turn candidates into expert software consultants who can occupy key positions in any corporate firm. This is much more then a finishing school concept. This training program has been framed by experts and who are aware of the needs of companies for such consultants.

With the recession in the US market, weakening rupee value and general slowdown, the IT industry is already facing a big challenge and consultants can play a major role to keep it floating. This is possible only iof the effective training is given at entry level imparting not only technical and soft skills but also a familiarity with the dynamics of the industry. Usually when a fresher joins a company, he or she takes some time to be deployed on a project. This make both the corporate and the individual waste precious time.

It is here that JITA comes in. Its 'Ready to deploy' programme ensures corporate readiness from day one. "JITA focuses on 360 degree training to enhance the employability of the talent pool available across the country," says a company representative. "It will also help an organisation cut down the costs of training to a significant percentage and enhances the productivity of the employee."

JITA was inaugurated in June and has started training its first batch of 40 graduates from June 23, 2008. Their course will include technical training (Java, .Net, Testing, LAMP and Mainframe), soft skill training, software engineering and project management, team building activities, on job training, essential competence, and outdoor activities.

Apart from this, there is also a value pack which includes overseas travel and onsite lifestyle to make the candidates 'corporate ready'. The course will last for three months and will consist of 450 hours of training after which the candidates will be ready to take on the rigours of the corporate world. To apply for this course, send an e-mail to info@jeevanitacademy.com

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