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We shall give following OFFER to your company, if we get confirmation for our training programme during April "2011. Your company can select any topics from the list given below.

1. Conveyance Charges - FREE
2. One Master Copy of Reading Material - FREE
3. CD on Soft Skills (list below) - FREE
4. Certificate for the participants - FREE

We can conduct following training programmes in your REGIONAL LANGUAGE at your Plant.

(a) Bearings & Lubrication - 1 day
(b) Industrial Hydraulics – Systematic Trouble Shooting - 1 day
(c) Centrifugal Pumps – Maintenance & Trouble Shooting - 1 day
(d) Alignment of Shafts - 1 day
(e) Computerised Maintenance Management System - 2 days

Professional charges:

Professional Fee : Rs. 9,600/- per day
Service Tax : 10.3%
Requirements : Computer with CD drive and speakers


1. All these subjects are very CRITICAL in any company. Unfortunately, maintenance Engineers & Fitters are NOT EDUCATED in these important topics in their degree, diploma or certificate courses. They learn about these important subjects after joining an industry mostly on their OWN. Many UNEXPECTED BREAKDOWNS and unnecessary bearing, hydraulics component REPLACEMENTS are due to LACK of knowledge. Lack of knowledge in these topic results in COSTLY BREAKDOWNS and DAMAGES the MACHINES.

2. Train your Maintenance Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, Fitters and TRAINEES on Bearings & Lubrication and Industrial Hydraulics - Systematic Trouble Shooting before they DAMAGE your MACHINES.

3. Training programme will be conducted using Interactive Audio Visual Training Materials, so that LEARNERS understand each and every points CLEARLY. Even if few critical BEARING PROBLEMS and HYDRAULIC BREAKDOWNS are AVOIDED, your company can GET BACK the amount SPENT for our training programmes.

4. These training programmes will CERTAINLY help your maintenance people to learn MANY PRACTICAL points.

5. We will conduct PRE-TEST and POST-TEST to show the LEARNING EFFECTIVENESS of our Training Programme.

We shall give ONE FREE CD (list is given below) for each training programme conducted at your plant.

We request you to kindly confirm the proprosal during April ''2011. Your immediate reply will help us to block the dates for your company.

For any clarification you can feel free to contact undersigned.

Kindly confirm receipt of this mail & do the needful please.

Thanking you with kind regards,
Have a nice day

G. Dhanalakshmi
Mobile: 07299140246

Centre For Management & Technology Development,
No.25, (Malligai T-50),
Oragadam Road, Ambattur, Chennai 600 053
Mobile: 07299140246 Ph: 044 - 2657 5702
Fax: 044 - 2657 57 99. E MAIL:

(1 FREE CD for each training programme conducted at your plant)

1. Inventory Management.......14. Negotiations Handbook
2. Advertising Made Easy......15. Toolkit for Presentations
3. Job Interview Skills............16. Business Analysis Skills
4. Managing for Results.........17. Successful Negotiating Skills

5. Business Strategy............18. Successful Meetings Skills
6. Learn ABC of Sales..........19. Cross Cultural Orientation
7. Planning & Organising.......20. Performance Management
8. Stress Management..........21. Teaching you : Supervisor Skill
9. Organise for Success.......22. Successful Marketing for Executive
10. Marketing Builder ..........23. Customer Relationship Management
11. Aptitude Builder.............24. Five Principles of Leadership
12. Career Builder...............25. Speak Fluent English(or)German(or)French
13. IQ Builder

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