Australia Stricter rules to be applied

Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Monday, March 22, 2010

Australia is the nice big island which is the dream land for the job searcher. Australia has been in and out of the news with unfailing regularity for quite a while. The storm that has brewed and spilt out on the streets has affected the level of students applications Down Under. And while debates have taken place on both sides of the world, the problem has not seemed to abate. Students are still being racially attacked and in a lot of cases, colleges are simply closing down leaving students stranded without degrees and with no money to pursue any alternatives.

Looking at this escalating situation, the Australian Minister for Education, Julia Gillard announced a funding of A$.5.1 million to further strengthen Australia's international education industry. The funding will be made available to top up the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Assurance Fund if required. This fund is the cornerstone of Australia's international student consumer protection framework, which safeguards the course fees of international students and is one of a large number of measures that the Australian government has initiated to provide what it calls "world class international education services."

The measures include an ESOS Amendment Bill which will require all provider delivering education and training to international students to re-register by December 31, 2010. A National International Student Strategy is in the pipeline as is the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency and a national regulator for the Vocational Education and Training sector. Gillard has welcomed the moves All these measures are intended to reinforce in students, the quality of the Australian International Education sector and to strengthen the registration process.

Amongst other things, education providers will also have to prove that education is their principal purpose and that they are able to deliver that education to a high standard. "The Australian government is deeply committed to ensuring international students, who choose to study in Australia, receive a quality education and training. While the vast majority of education providers are delivering quality education, unfortunately the sector has been tarnished by the activities of a few. The department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations is working hand-in-hand with each state and territory to ensure that re-registrations are managed efficiently and they are implemented consistently. This means that there will be greater accountability placed on providers for the actions of the agents they use. And while all these measures may eventually be good news for Indian and other international students, they must be implemented at the earliest to ensure the protection of those who seek to be educated Down Under.

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