The debate , thar university ranking can serve a legitimate purpose, goes on. If
these are done right canthey really help a student make an informed choice. That
seems to be the million dollar question. As part of their annual exercise, most
ranking agencies come out with their unique—and often contradictory –rankings on
diggerent criteria, leading to denials, clarification,boycotts (by the universities from
the next year’s ranking) and more confusion for students and their befuddled

Although Shevanti Narayan, Country Managae, Educational Advising services
United Sttates-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) declines to comment on
these, she does grudgingly accept the fact that several organizations and
magazines in the USA publish their annual rankings of US universities and Indian
students must be aware that since all universities DO NOT participate in these
surveys,they cannot be the lat word on the quality of instruction offered at these
universities.(In fact similat protest stands are also taken by IIM Ahmedabad ,
Bangalore and Calcutta to B-school rankings in India).
“If at all these rankings must be considered in making a selection, students must also analyse the methodology used in the randking,”Narayan advises.

In fact the same parameters that rankers use---quality of programmes, profiles of
the faculty, programme content, etc---are the ones that students can also use and use
more objectively in reaching a decision, Narayan explains. Eventually students
would do well to choose a university that is the “ right fit” for their specific needs.
I would ask them to make their own ranking list on the basis of their requirements,
“she adds.

As for British Universities ,more than general rankings, they are assigned a research
ranking, they are assigned a research rating,” informs Amit Chaturvedi, Head of
Education UK.”This research assessment is done by a government agency and can
be a reliable source of information for Indian students,’he explains. The courses
under this sustem are rated on a scale of1-5, he explains. Indian students can check
out these ratings on”For teaching quality, they can login to,”he adds.

At the Republic of Irekand there is nio system of rankings as it’s a tiny country with
just seven universities and 14 Institutes of Institutes of Technology. The latter are
accredited by the Higher Award and Training Award Council (HETAC) which is
akin in constitution to the AICTE in India.

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