Mario Capecchi had a difficult and challenging childhood, For nearly four
years,Capecchi lived with his mother in a chalet in the Italian Alps. When world
war II broke out his mother, along with other Bohemians, was sent to Dachau as a
Political prisoner. Anticipating her arrest by the Gestapo, she had sold all her arrest
by the Grstapo, she had sold all her possessions and given the money to friends to
help raise her son on their farm. In the farm, he had to grow own wheat,m harvest;
take it to miller to be ground. Then the money which his mother left, for him ran
out and at the age of four and half years , he started sometimes living
inthestreets,sometimes joining gangs of other homeless children, sometimes living
in orphanages and most of the time hungry, He sent the last year in the city of
reggio Emelia, hospitalized for malnutrition where hiw mother found him on his
ninth birthday after a year of searching. within weeks the capecchi and his mother
sailed to America to join his uncle and aunt.

He started his third grade schooling afresh over there and started his education,
interested in sports, studied political science. But he didn’t find it interesting and
changed to science, became a mathematics graduate in 1961 with a double major in
physics and chemistry. Although he really simplicity, he switched to molecular
niology in graduate school , on the advice of james D.watson who advised him that
he should not be bothered about small things since such pursuits are likely to
produce only small answers.

His objective was to do gene targeting. The experiments started in 1980 and by 1984,
capecchi had clear success. There years later, he 1989, he developed the technology
to mice with targeted mutations. The technology created by Doctor Capecchi allows
researchers to create specific gene mutations anywhere they choose in the genetic
code of a mouse, By manipulating gene sequences in this way researchers are able to
mimic human disease conditions on animal subjects, What the research of Mario
capecchi means for human health is nothing short of amazing, his work with mice
couls lead tio curse for Alzheimer’s disease conditions on animal subjects .what the
research of Mario Capecchi means for human health is nothing short of amazing,
his work with mice could lead to cures for Alzheimer’s disease or even cancer. The
innovations in generics that Mario Capecchi achieved won him the Noble Prize in
2007. Noble laureate Capecchi’s life indeed reveals:-

“when you wish upon a star, Now, I would like no narrate an incident which took
place during a function congerring Noble Laureate Prof, Norman E Borlaug, a well
known agricultural scientist and a partner in India’s first Green revolution, with
Dr, M.S.Swaminathan Award, at vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi on the 15th of March
2005.Prof . Borlaug,at the age of 91, was in the midst of all the praise showered on
him from everybody gathered there, When his turn came , he got up and high-
lighted India’s advancement in the agricultural science and production and said
that the political visionary shri C.Subramaniam and Dr, M.S.Swaminathan, pioneer
in agricultural science were the prime architects of first Green Revolution in India
Even though prof Norman Borlaug was himself a partner ion the first green
revolution, he did not make a point onthis. He recalled with pride, Dr. Verghese
kurine who ushered White Revolutio in India. Then the surprise came. He turned to
scientists sitting in the third tow fifth row and eighth row of the audience. He
identified Dr, RajaRam,a wheat specialist, Dr,S.K. Vasal, a maize specialist,
Dr.b.r.Barwale, a seed specialist. He said, all these scientists had contributed for
india’s and Asia’s agricultural science.Dr.Borlaug introduced them to the audience
by asking them to stand and ensured that the audience cheered and greeted the
scientists with great enthusiasm.

This action of Dr.Norman Borlaug, I call it ‘scientific Magnanimity’. Friends , if we
aspire to achieve great things in life, we need scientific Magnanimity will motivate
the scientific community and nurture team spirit.

To futher what can be the challenges in front of you some of our national missions.
We have a roadmap for becoming an economically developed nation for fulfilling
the aspiration of a billion democratic people of multi-religion,multi-language and

Our human resources particularly the 540 million youth will make this mission a
reality using science and technology as a tool with the available bio-diversity and
natural resources.

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