Robotics in land and moon

Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Thursday, November 20, 2008

While I was in Carnegie Mellon University, I came to know about the development of Boss- A Robotic car developed by Carnegie Mellon University. This car won the 2007 defense Advance Research project Agency (DARPA) urban challenge first place prices of $2 million in the autonomous vehicle competition held in November 2007.This is the first time that autonomous (driverless) vehicles traversed suburban roads at speed with real traffic represented by 50 moving cars with human drivers and the 11 race finalists in robot –on-robot competition.

The autonomous vehicles in the DARPA Urban challenge were required to navitage, park, and handle traffic on a 60- miles urban course within a six-hour time limit. The vehicles operated without human guidance and relied only on sensors computers. The robotic cars also had to pbey traffic, avoid obstacles, and negotiate intersections.The robotic technology is indeed taking shape and we may see in this decade Robotic cars in many parts of the world.

I also visited and interacted with the Carnegie Mellon-google L unar x prize team, who are developing a ropbot which will land on the moon travel at least 500 meters on the lunar surface and transmit images to Earth by 2012 with the intent of winning a $20 million challenge announced by the X prize Foundation and Google Inc. This will be the first private off-planet exploration,The Sresult of this experiment will pave the way for more robotic landing in Mars and Moon for exploration. Both these developments give me the confidence that the world is not far off from aircraft and reusable missile systems.

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