One night ..a hotseller again?

Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Thursday, November 20, 2008

Which is better the movie adaptation or the book?
This is a question we have been asking since we climbed down from the trees. But inthis case the writer is most likely to benefit immensely in both ways.As those who have tead the nook may like to see the film out of sheer curiosity and those who were drawn to the theatre to watch the movie because of the three hotties in it- Gul Panag., Amrita Arora and Isha Koppikat, would definitely want to grab a copy of the book, so that the youngsters can ‘compare notes’! Yes, we are talking about the movies,Hello, which is a movie interpretation of chetan Bhagat’s bestseller novel,One Night @ the call center or simply ON @CC (as popularlu abbreviated by Gen y.)

Around this time io 2005, he released his second novel, One Night @the call centre, And as it turns out,it’s in that month of the year again, that the soft-spoken author is ou with its big screen version, Hello, where he’s credited for the story, screenplay and dialogues,. But Whether the movie works ornot is a matter of least concern for the author who is sporting a wider grin as his book has yet again topped the best seller list after the release of the film.says Sharon Babu, store manager of Crossword book store in Chennai,”After the release of the movie Hello, the sales of the book bave increased by 75 percent.On a weekday we sell about 15 to 29 copies and on a weekends we sell about 30 copies of the book,”

Around the time of the movie release, the publishers have given the book jacket a revampand as per expectations the sales shot up like never before.sakhi Gupta owner of an online bookstore says,”The book tops our bestseller list and is picked up the most by the youngsters who are keen on discussing the book with their friends.The price is a another factor which has boosted the sales of the book.”

So what is it that draws Gen Y towards reading the book? Answers sharamit kaur, a class 11 student,”I am not an avid reader. So when the book was launched three years ago, I was not very keen on reading it. But after watching the movie, it suddenly became the talk of the town and then I decided to get my copy.And now, I feel the book is far better than the time pass movie is! Chetan has done a lot of American bashing in the novel and it is the same in the novel and it is the same in the movie as well. I liked reading it because of the simple language and interesting plot.”
Shubhangi Vasudev, a second year commerce students was quick to agree.”I haven’t read the book, not all of it anyway, but I was most curious about its cinematic adaptation.The movie is hilarious and is filled with a lot of drama. I loved Sharman Joshi and Sohail Khan ‘s performance in the film and I was keen to know how their characters have been sketched in the book. Also there were long discussion threads online as to how Gul Panag has successfully played Priyanka’s character.Ipurchased the book to know more about the film,.”Well, it is evident that both the ‘time pass ‘ flick and the book have managed to hit it off well with Gen Y. IN.

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