New centre for innovations for IIT-ians

Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Thursday, November 20, 2008

The students of IIT can now have 22x7access to the centre for Innovation, a ‘student lab’ set up from funds donated by the class of 1981.

“There will be no deceleration in the implementation of India’s three-stage nuclear power programme, “said Dr.R.Chidambaram, principal scientific adviser to the Government of India , on Friday. The programme involves building presurised heavy water reactors (PHWRS) using natural uranium as fuel , fast breeder reactors(FBRs) using plutonium and depleted uranium from the PHWRs and reactor using thorium.Closing of the nuclear fuel cycle gains impotance in the context of the climate change threat and for nuclear energy to be a sustainable mitigating tecnnology, he said.

He was giving a lecture on Nuclear Energy and Climate Change’ at the Indian Institute of technology-Madras as part of the series of lectures ny eminent scientists organized by the class of 1978 on their Pearl Reunion.

“Today,India seeks international collaboratuion on an ‘equal patner’ basis, we need the world in short term to access global uranium sources but India is already on a sustainable energy path and in the long term it will not only be self-reliant but will also be indispensable to the rest of the world ,”Chidambaram said.

He stressed the development of methods for recovering coal buried deep in the earth;increasing the share of hydro, nuclear and renewable sources; acclearating studies for early deployment of thorium tech-nologies and fusion systems; developing clean coal technologies such as ultra-super critical technology and the integrated gasification combined cycle; and end use of hydrogen technologies as an alternate energy carrier.

  1. ultra January 9, 2009 at 3:24 AM  

    Dr.R.Chidambaram has stressed for the development of methods for recovering coal buried deep in the earth and reducing carbon emissions through clean coal technology..nice article

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  2. ultra January 19, 2009 at 3:08 AM  

    The stress for the development of methods are very amazing reducing green gas house emissions through this technology is a great idea..quite impressive.

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