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Posted by Part Time Jobs Online | Thursday, November 20, 2008

A robot is defined as an automatically controlled reprogrammable multi-purpose manipulative machine, with or without locomotion, for use in industrial automation applications.” Robotics engineer design robots, maintain them develop new applications for them and conduct research to expand the potential of robotics.
This is a rapidly developing fields wit up new possibilities for robotics applications.

Manufacturing the first industry to invest heavily in robotics remains the primary employer in the area, but recent years have seen raped expansion of research and engineering in robots for such applications as a agriculture, mining, nuclear power-plant maintenance, and a variety of other fields, the profesio offers jobs for a wide range of temperaments, more down-to-earth jobs involve designing new production line robots, often with programmeable arms, and maintaining and upgrading older production line installations.

In India, studies related to robot Technology and its Implications are conducted by the Department of science and Technology (DST) and Departmetn of scientific and Industial Research.The research and development thrust is carried out by DST, Department of Electronics and Department of Ocean Development and other similar organizations.IITs too have taken the lead in designing programmes in robot

The information technology industry, which in the past five years symbolished above average and fast growth is clearly beginning to slow down. The global economic recession, the US financial sector crisis and depreciating rupee are all combining to threaten the IT sector in India which saw hyper growth in the past five or six years.

When the world’s biggest economy is threatened, clearly these companies are left wondering what would be the next move of US companies which outsource their operations to IT vendors. But then Indian companies are well known in that they have grown only by various processes, service and product innovations. This spirit will certainly help companies that leverage, Indian talent to come out without much risk or injury from the present murk.

When companies were doing good in the past five or six years they recruited a large number of freshers knowing that they have capability and the resources to train the young minds .But today, in the fourth generation of outsourcing model, India is no longer in body shopping mode, nor a mere packager of low end software.

A HR leader of an MNC Infotech major in Chennai said that the Indian it firms and IT professionals individually and collectively were faced with new skills that were faced with new and key questions on the new skills that were required today. Even fresh graduates had to rapidly innovate to survive better amid competition from countries such as Phillipines, Czech republic, Romania, Vietnam and some of the middle Eastern nations he added.

“And the new demand will be for higher order IT skills from students –both in quality and quantity. India would need better skilled people to maintain its competitive edge and advantage ,” he added.

IT sectors agree that engineers and programmers would need to be equipped with skills in strategizing and planning long initiatives to meet customer demands on sustained basis. Even those in support including tech support would need to understand and initiate designs in systems. Database design and development, better use or internet and internet programming skills database administration usage and operations would be required for all in I.T profession, as pointed out ny an official UK study on IT workforce for the future way back in 2005 -06.

To quote the report, “IT professionals employed in all a sectors will see the demands of their role change from technology support to business application. The industry will need a strong supply of intelligent IT professionals with the capacity to understand business. There will be an increase in the need for ‘soft skills’ at higher levels, including:

• Management, interpersonal and commercial awareness/market knowledge;
• Sales and marketing (particularly amongst programmers internet professionals and database staff);
• Finance and accounting skills
• Customer handling;
• Team-working and networking
• Problem-solving (particularly amongst systems designers and programmers).
These present immense possibilities, and of course they require technology at the backend. India needs technologists who can visualize such possibilities and partake in the process of making these device and ensuring that they work smoothly. This is the real challenge that industry and educationists face in the next few years.

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