The British Council, the United Kingdom's international organisation for educational and cultural relations, manages a wide range of activities covering the arts, science, technology and education. The Council also facilitates a range of educational scholarships, the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, British Overseas Indu-strial Placement Scheme (BOND) and the Charles Wallace scheme.

After completing their studies, Non-European Economic Area (EEA) students are allowed to stay on and work for up to a year in Britain under the International Graduates Scheme (IGS). Launch-ed in May 2007, in place of the Science and Engineering Graduates Scheme, the IGS is for students who have successfully completed their first or Master's degree, doctorate, postgraduate certificate or diploma programme. In addition to this is the Fresh Talent : Working in Scotland scheme for non-EEA nationals who have completed an HND, degree, Masters or Ph.D. studies at a Scottish university, to apply to live and work in Scotland for up to two years after completing their studies.

However, the British Council has warned all students that if they received any e-mails offering jobs in the UK they were to be ignored and reported. "It has come to our notice that a company or recruitement agency by the name of England Subsea Oil Company (ESOC) is faudulently using the British Council name in offering jobs with huge salaries in the UK by e-mail," said a spokesperson for the Council.

The Council said that ESOC's operations were apparently entirely fraudulent and warned students to contact local British Council offices or the local British High Commission or email the Council at in the event of any ontoward communication.

"The British Council has no connection or affiliation to ESOC," said the spokesperson adding that the Council never offers jobs in the UK. The Council said that all information pertaining to job opportunities at the British Council or work attachments through their Bond scheme were always advertised on their website. "You will NEVER receive emails from us asking you to remit money to a bank account towards Work Permit Papers," said the official. Any student receiving such mails should alert the Council immediately.

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