Europe offers a host of programmes for those wanting to do their further education abroad. We take a look at five 'hot' destinations for those interested in pursuing engineering, international and European studies, nanotechnology, environmental studies, fashion, communication, industrial design et al. We begin our Eurpean tour with Austria. The country's traditional two-tier degree system of the Diploma and doctoral studies has been replaced by a three-tier system of Bachelors, Masters and doctoral degrees. The most popular courses include engineering, traditional medicine and environmental studies. If you are interested in making Austria your study point then apply at the university of your choice in writing. Some universities provide an application form in their homepages or offer the possibility for a registration form and your documents directly to the Austrian university. Tuition fees cost around euro 700 per semester and you should take about the same for extra costs (food, travel, etc). For more information, log on to

Our next port of call is Belgium Tucked away in Western Europe, Belgium introduced a Bachelors-Masters structure from the academic year 2004-05 onwards. Courses are accredited by an independent quality assurance agency. International students make up to 10 per cent of the student community in this tiny country. Popular programmes include law, economics, international and European studies. Tuition costs are around euro 550 - 6000 a year and you will need around euro 700 a month for extras. For more information, log on to ,

If neither of the above countries meets your requirements, why not try your luck in Denmark? The USP of this country are its programmes available in English. Tuition fees for higher studies were introduced last year. The government also offers scholarships in the disciplines of Science and Technology. And what's more, because Denmark lacks a large labour force, foreign students are encouraged to stay for six months after they complete their programme to look for work. Nanotechnology, medicine and engineering are amongst the most popular courses. Costs for tuition are around euro 8000-40,000 a year and you would need around euro 500-1000 a month as living costs. For more information you could log on to

Finland is one of the EU nations working towards the making of a European High Education Area. So, it has tuned its degree structures as per the Bologna process. Which makes qualifications "comparable and transferable" in member countries. Popular programmes include the sciences and engineering and living costs work out to about euro 600-800 a month. Log on to for more information.

Our last post of call in Europe is Italy, the fashion capital of the world that has a host of programmes in English inlcuding an unusual one-year Masters in International Cooperation against Transnational Financial Organised Crime by the University of Teramo which is cunducted with 19 partner institutions.

Italy also awards scholarships to postgraduate Indians for higher studies in design, information and communication technology as well as management. Popular courses include fashion, communication and industrial design. Tuition costs range between euro 2,000 - 15,000 a year and you will need about euro 400-700 a month as living expenses. If you are interested, log on to,, .

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