Prof s. Muthukumaran, former vice-chancellor of Bharathidasn university raises his doubts on the implementation of choice based credit system(CBCS), that aims to help students at colleges level select their course.

“We have to moce towards the ‘Teacher preparing syllabi, teching methodolofy and evaluation and the teachers should be properly trained.”

1.Q. Do You Think the choice Based credit system, (CBCS) as it called, is relavant in today’s context?How do you view on the government’s effort in implementing the system?

ANS: The idea behind the proposed introduction of CBCS is to give an equal opportunity for the students to choose the subjects instead of the college forcing them to take only a particular group of subjects. This would mean the college offers more than the required number of courses at a given time. So, the students will have a choice to pick up his prefered subject,

Or in oter words, for a degree course, the requirement is that 15 courses will ne in first half of the year (semester) and 15 in the second semester, which means, the college will be offering more than 15 subjects.

This would mean engaging additional teachers, additional class rooms, with out making provisions for all. The introduction of CBCS will only deserve straight Jacked programme’. The government must provide extra expenses for the implementation of any such new system.

2.Q.Recently a exam pater valuation scam has brought to light. How do you think such malpractices can be curbed?
ANS:The academic system must be revamped.Qualified staff should examine the answer sheets. A thorough screenin is tequired. Any they should be honest.

The clerical level staff should also bethoroughly screened.Normally, the vcaluation tampering takes place during the entry level of awarded marks. Entries are made at two different levels.

This is compared on computer basis, If there is a difference, the higher examiner or thire valuation comes into the picture.Once the mark entries are finalized, there is a programme where the computer will not accept any changes in the marks. What we should do is move towards the ‘Teacher preparing syllabi, teaching methodology and evaluation.’

This is what invoked in IIT, IIMS and other Higher Institutes.This must be implemented in our institutions, provided the teachers are properly trained.

3.Q. What do you think about common syllabi for all the universitie?

ANS:I do not think would be a good move. There must be scope for every individual institution to frame their own syllabus looking into consideration of the local needs and aspiration.Already we have a scheme of going for autonomy to the colleges.

This move gives certain amount of freedom to the colleges to frame their own syllabus.Therefore the present move would not be viewed as a progressive step.If it is meant for allowing the students to move from one university to another, then they must be advised to choose an appropriate subject, to suit all the varsities. A new method should be devised.

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